Service to Others Around the World

During this time of pandemic and isolation I tend to focus inward until I stumble upon others who could use some support.  Connecting with some of my elderly neighbors on the “Nextdoor” social media app, I realized that my response to this pandemic is more than taking care of myself.  One of the things that feeds my inner Warrior and inner King during this time of change is to connect with others and find ways to serve them.

Nextdoor is based on the address of where you live.  It connects you with others who live near you, that sign into the app.  Conversations include what supplies are available at which local businesses,  nurses giving out good advice and offering help and  discussion of the best ways to stay safe from the virus.  I feel much more connected to my local community and my worry level has dropped considerably.

On Nextdoor, people in my neighborhood are breaking into smaller more manageable groups based on their location.  People are volunteering to run errands for those most at risk and pick up prescriptions or groceries.  There are some very scared people living right down my street and checking in online and saying that I am here and available to help in case of emergency seems to bring calm especially to those who are more elderly or with serious health issues.

I am organizing my local neighborhood in blocks between specific street boundaries so that we can share information, supplies and plan together.  This will allow the best use of resources and limiting opportunities for infection.  I am seeing this time of change as a time for service and connection.  As the old Irish saying goes, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.’  Our communities need us at this time.

Reuel Czach: I am a 66 year old, Christian man with a wonderful wife and three sons and a daughter. I have lived in San Luis Obispo County, California for over 35 years and I have practiced architecture here for most of those years. I am the I-Group Coordinator for the Open Coastal Circle. I am actively supporting and building the Elder community in San Luis Obispo and I am the Lead Elder Chair of the MKP Santa Barbara Community. I am the Community Coordinator for the San Luis Obispo Sustaining Community and I was elected to the SLO MKP Community Council. I am passionate about myself and other men waking up to our awareness of how we can become the men we have always wanted want to be and in bringing our healthy leadership to the world.