During this time of social-distancing, quarantine, and isolation it may be difficult for Elders to see friends, socialize, attend circles, cafés or even consider shopping. In response to these times the MKP USA Elder Society is launching a new email list with the purpose of supporting Elders to connect and provide support for each other. This email list will be a resource for heart-felt connection between Elders, sharing uplifting and inspiring information, and for sharing personal growth resources.   

Email topics encouraged in the Elder Support List:

  • Inspirational stories 
  • Stories of vulnerability
  • Requests for emotional support 
  • Elder curiosity
  • Inspirational songs, poems and messages 
  • Elder-focused resources
  • MKP USA virtual Elder events

Emails to avoid sending to this list:

  • Any kind of debate or posture or topic
  • Individual or political/group bashing, blaming, defamation, gas-lighting, personal attacks, or shaming
  • One-on-one back-and-forth conversations (email each other directly)
  • Long diatribes of personal opinion, or non-fact based information

Please consider this opportunity to be a part of a new type of Elder List with a different set of expectations from the existing Elder Talk list. 

Is Elder Talk going away?

No Elder Talk remains as a place where healthy debates and broad differing viewpoints are expressed and discussed.

What keeps this new list from becoming Elder Talk?

You help keep it different. We all own safety. This list has a set of Communication Guidelines. Abuse of the Guidelines may result in the loss of MKP USA List privileges. We expect that those who wish to use the Elder Talk list will stay in that list. Those who want the Elder Support experience, or who left Elder Talk because of their experience on that list, will have an opportunity to re-engage through the Elder Support list.

Any Elder may join this list through MKPCONNECT at : https://mkpconnect.org/list/mkp-usa-elder-support-list