What I know today with the Corona-virus, is that most people have a small chance of serious illness or death.   In contrast the flu causes serious illness in about .1% of the population or 10 times less. However the chance of serious illness or death goes up sharply for those over 60 years of age. and can go much higher for those who are oldest and/or have other serious health issues.  

The common sense way to prevent this virus from spreading is to avoid others, especially groups, and to practice strict self-control with hygiene when in public.  The implications of social distancing or avoiding other people will change the way our Igroups, open circles and community gatherings function. Many people will become more isolated and alone during a Corona-virus outbreak.  

While the CDC recommends social isolation this could be an opportunity for men in MKP to guide the communities outside of MKP to a safe on-line venue for men and women to find a path out of isolation.  I invite you to consider creating one or more virtual groups in your community so you can provide a place for others and yourself to connect and process emotions and issues. 

When I think of the Corona virus spreading in my state and in the United States, I often feel fear, anger, sadness, guilt, or blame.   What serves me is to try to process my emotions in my men’s circles or with close MKP brothers as soon as possible after they come up. This helps to prepare me for the negative impacts in my community and helps me to move into service. 

MKP virtual I-groups are bringing men together in a safe and supporting way during this time of social distancing and I invite you to try one to learn more about them.  

I also invite you to use the collective wisdom of your local community to adapt to social distancing and to protect those who are most vulnerable among you.  The Mankind Project and our local communities have an opportunity to provide places of calm safety on-line, often in the midst of chaotic change.

Reuel Czach is a MKP Elder living in San Luis Obispo, CA