Each WEG that I’ve attended is a cause for celebration and carries the richness of presentations, workshops and the added blessing of connecting with men and women from around the world.   2019 was no exception!

 Men from around the world were in attendance representing 14 MKP International centers.  Concerns for the negative effects of travel related pollution minimized participants from Europe, Africa and Australia.  Climate concerns will not simply go away and the future of World Elder Gatherings is in serious jeopardy as a result.  

 Six of the eight men who makeup our Elder Court Leadership Team were in attendance, including myself, Eliot Bolan, David McLean, Allan Podbelsek, Jerry Deutsch, and John de Strakosch.  John facilitated the RE Workshop held before WEG and led the transition process for our Ritual Elder Coordinator Rod Clay, who has stepped down after five years of leadership. Rod’s successor, Frank Rodriguez, from the Northwest Area enthusiastically addressed his vision and approach to his new position.  He gained full support for his new role from the members of the Elder Council in attendance. Frank also has my full support in what he envisions.

 Virgilio Chavez opened the WEG acknowledging MKPI and his WEG team.  I had the honor of representing MKP USA with a Blessing, a heart-centered welcome and opening remarks about making a difference.  What stood out for me took place prior to the opening. The Leadership Team (the men who energize and guide me along the way) circled up and blessed me in words and energy.  I was awash in warmth, love and blessings.  

Members of the 2019 MKP USA Elder Court gathered together and produced the following Draft of Elder Principles in association with expanding the MKP “I” to the much broader MKP “We”.  It reads:

As Elders of the Community we hold the following Principles as sacred responsibilities. We, as Elders, are dedicated to the path of mastering these Principles.

COMMUNITY – As an Elder, I embrace my responsibility to care for our Community. I recognize the “We” is greater than the “I”, and the “I” is the sacred foundation of the We. I am awake and attentive, sensing for ways to help the Community find and fill its needs.

 HISTORY – As an Elder I am a custodian of our Community history, stories, traditions and lessons. 

THE NEXT GENERATION – As an Elder, I recognize the next generation in the Community as our future. I nurture the growth and empowerment of all parts of the Community to find their gifts, fulfillment and place.

VALUES – As an Elder, I speak with the conscience of the Community in my heart, expressing our shared values and needs.

BOUNDARIES – As an Elder, I remind the Community of its agreements and expectations. When I sense the Community is at risk of significant harm, I intervene with the appropriate response.

PEACE – As an Elder, I recognize that We are different, and conflict is natural. When conflict arises, I model patience, tolerance, forgiveness and respect in my words, actions and deeds. When I choose to intervene with the voice of the Community it is with thoughtfulness and restraint.

SELF – As an Elder, I role-model taking care of myself. I seek support and I ask for help.

Another amazing event occurred when thirty men circled up on the grass surrounded by large trees to bless Virgilio on his continued path as an RE.  As Virgilio spoke of his passion for MKP and supporting new men, his emotional words had him and other men crying. It was a rich and poignant circle.  It was beautiful to see. There was some tremendous energy emanating from our circle as we stood and watched the nearby, Popocatepetl volcano erupt into a clear blue sky in a powerful show of smoke and ash.  The last eruption was in April 2019, so it was an amazing coincidence that it happened exactly when Virgilio received the group’s blessing.  

It is always sad to say goodbye.  And it was a wonderful experience to keep in our memories.

Blessings and love,

Ron Roesler, Chairman, MKP USA Council of Elders