Bruce Anderson was recently honored with the Rich Tosi award for service to MKP at a monthly meeting of the Houston Saturday Morning Men’s Cafe. Bruce’s leadership and ability to form community has been instrumental in the production of the annual Fall Gathering of Men which was held for the 16th time this November and the monthly Saturday Morning Men’s Cafe in Houston. Bruce was appreciated by the men present for his commitment to building a vibrant, attractive and welcoming MKP elder community through fellowship, authentic conversations and learning. The honoring ceremony gave space for many men to speak to the contributions Bruce has made to their lives and for Bruce to receive their blessings. 

 During the four-year run of the Saturday Morning Men’s Cafe 36 meetings have been held with 600 men attending. 20 men from the MKP community have facilitated meetings to achieve the community vision: “We create a conscious world by building a vibrant, welcoming elder community through authentic, intimate conversations and learning, while growing spirituality.”

 Bruce has shared his knowledge on community building with MKP leadership with the presentation “How to Start Up a Saturday Morning Men’s Cafe”. For more information on the Fall Gathering of Men and the Saturday Morning Men’s Cafe go to