The fund began in 2018 to address gathering and distributing support for men who needed financial assistance to participate in MKP trainings.  Men were asked to contribute to the fund with a designated gift in support of a specific man or with an undesignated gift to the fund that could be distributed as needed.   A cool MKP hat was delivered to men who gave $100 or more. The response was strong and heartwarming. The fund assisted men with a portion of the NWTA fee who otherwise could not attend.


The elder council recognized an additional opportunity linked to a legacy gift left to the Northwest Elder Community by Charles Maclean.  Charles left a gift to the Northwest center, through his will, expressing his hope that his gift would promote a community of generosity and individual missions of giving.  The Elder Council has subsequently authorized that gifts given to the Generosity Fund will be matched by funds from the Charles Maclean fund. The Elder council continues to celebrate the success of the fund and the opportunities it is affording men in the Northwest.  For more information: Tom Pagliasotti