Elders in the Northwest center are creating opportunities to gather and offer support that’s different than an I-group.  Southern Oregon and Puget Sound (Seattle) men have started Elder Lodges to honor the original intent of lodges formed in the mid 1800’s to bond and work together to protect their families and their communities. 


Today Northwest men use this classic “lodge” template (sponsorship, provisional membership time & formal initiation ceremony) as a proven process to craft mutual empowerment and security.  The purpose is bonding, with commitment – ideally to stick together as a community and be here to bury each other. They are also reclaiming the word “lodge” from any racist associations of the past.  As with all MKP structures: any man is welcome.


Portland, OR elders are experimenting with their first Mens Cafe on Jan 3, 2020 (9:30-11:30am) and is open to men of all ages.  The intent is to ask a man to present an idea important to him for 30 minutes speaking in the first person. Smaller groups will then be formed to discuss the subject raised by the presenter. Topics could include Anxiety– What the Hell Is It?, Curiosity-Child’s Play Or Superpower?, Should I Declare My Eldership?, Action and Contemplation, How To Speak and be Heard, Creating A Soul Connection With Others, I Hope I Die Before I Get Old, Unconscious Bias to name a few.   The meeting will be held at St. Philip Neri Church at 2408 SE 16th Ave Portland, OR. For more information: Terry Jones elderwithin1@gmail.com