The 2019 WORLD ELDER GATHERING is almost here!  Every two years MKP International offers this premiere event, bringing Warrior Brothers together from around planet earth.  The WEG is open to all men and women.

This year’s WEG takes place from November 6th through 10th in Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico.  Early Registration is still available… food, lodging and transportation to site from Mexico City Airport – $375 increasing  to $450 Sept 16. Additional stay at the site is possible.   


Register at

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Presenter video links

Bill Kauth

Jerry Deutsch

Newt Bailey

John de Strakosch

Gaby Valdes

Beverly Gordon

For more information contact Virgilio Chavez


Elder are responding to the call of our times.  We are 7.7 billion humans. The impact of any small act is multiplied a million-fold. That is why there are trash islands in the middle of the oceans and plastic microfibers in the food we eat.  Conversely, the impact of one act of empathy sends waves that reach across continents and generations. I hope you register for the WEG and be part of our response to the call or our times