The Elder Court is excited to present the 2019 Elder Project Teams.  From Elder Rites of Passage to Climate Change, there is an extensive vision for achieving the Elder Mission as it supports MKP’s overall Vision. We are so excited by the expansion and purpose of these projects. We hope you find one or even two or three that resonate with your personal Mission. Click HERE, to sign up for a team.  You will be able to read more about each project below:

 A. EROP Weekend

 Create an MKP Elder Rites of Passage (EROP) weekend by supporting non-MKP Elders.  As an EROP, it provides a softer way of introducing MKP to men 65 and older. The EROP has the potential for cathartic healing without individual processing by moving the group through a series of processes geared to acknowledging and releasing trauma, loss, grief, then embracing the importance of forgiveness. Then moving into a celebration of life yet to be lived. This weekend could also take the form of an Elder NWTA training or possibly an Elder Gateway. 

 B. Communications

Expand our ability to communicate with more Elders Nationwide. Develop and distribute a monthly Elder newsletter sharing Elder news from our 24 Areas, Welcome Homes, Retreats, important articles, etc. This group would walk in lockstep with Boysen Hodgson, MKP Director of Communications and Boysen has solid experience with publishing newsletters and a ton of great Elder articles to draw upon.

 C. New Brother Initiative

Implement a program for Elders to engage and support New Brothers. A proposal related to this Team was shared with Dan Baldwin, MKP Director of Community Activities. Dan was encouraged and suggested that this Team connect or merge with a similar MKP USA activity currently in the works. Dan’s guidance will support synergy and effective application.

 D. Elders who are Alone

 Develop an initiative to support “Elders who are Alone.” Loneliness itself is a major problem in the U.S. and abroad. These are men who have become disconnected or lost a longtime partner, or are without purpose and feeling no longer needed. It is estimated that being lonely has a negative impact equivalent to the negative impact of smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. We have MKP Elders who are alone! Boysen recently published an article in the MKP Newsletter that provides a much broader view of the negative effects of loneliness.

 E. Elder iGroup Role

 Identify and establish stronger roles for Elders in I-groups. We rely on the importance of an RE to launch and oversee the health of our NWTA’s. However, we do not honor our I-group Elders with a specific role and responsibilities. Such as opening the meeting with a short introduction, including a blessing to transition men into Sacred space…what else? An Elder I- group protocol? Training?

 F. Declared Elder Process

 Expand the importance and meaning of the Declared Elder Process. Consider a Declared Elder weekend. To be combined with Team M Elder Training

 G.Open Elder Circles

 Develop and implement new Elder Circles. Provide more opportunities for all men to be involved and connected with other men in Open Elder Circles.  In addition, consider the possibility of Elder I-groups and Elder Lodges. Research, identify and articulate attributes of each, their similarities and differences.  Consider the possibility of virtual groups and how these various groups would function in a virtual (Zoom) setting.

 H. Area Lead Elder Support

 Contribute to, involve and support our 24 Area Lead Elders. How can MKP USA better serve the 24 Areas and Lead Elders. Solicit Lead Elder input and participation. These Teams may provide possibilities for involvement and support for local communities.

 I. Honoring Elder Contribution

Develop a process to honor past and present Elders and their contributions. How do we honor and acknowledge the many contributions and sacrifices so many men have made and are still making? Consider a meaningful process to express respect and appreciation.  To be combined with Team J Honoring MKP Leadership.

 JHonoring MKP Leadership

Develop a process to honor and support MKP Leadership. MKP Leaders come and they go. How do we thank them for their guidance and leadership? How do we make them and their presence and contributions special and unforgettable?

 KNew Opportunity Involvement

 Introduce new opportunities for greater Elder involvement. These Teams are an example. There are so many opportunities. What else can be done to involve more Elders in our greater community? Aside from direct MKP involvement, being actively involved in your local community and sharing your elder gifts by hosting and facilitating an Open Elder Circle.

 LElder Council Org.  Development

 Reinforce Elder Council Economic Stability and Sustainability through Membership, fund-raising, legacy, philanthropic support, grants, etc. Work with the MKP Organization Development Team already in place to generate revenues for MKP.

 MElder Training Weekend

Create an Elder Training weekend for MKP Initiated Elders. Most MKP men grow into being an Elder, without conscious thought about what it means. Our existing Declared Elder process does not provide what it means to be an Elder. There is a real vacuum for guidance and education. In general, men growing into their elder years have little input about what it means to be an Elder, especially an MKP Elder. Blessings, service, give-away, Declaration, compassion, love, caring, forgiveness, and the list continues.

A quote from the article The Pathway of the MKP Elder: “the mature and grounded MKP Elder is an advocate for truth and compassion, while supporting other men on their journeys through the joys and challenges of life. He is there to question. He is there to listen. He is there to bless and encourage. He is there to see the gold. He is there to help men see the light, and, he is there to hold the light!””

 N. Climate Change

Gather and communicate the latest Climate Change data and statistics to underscore the importance of reducing the negative effects of Climate Change. Identify and recommend actions and initiatives to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. Share with our greater MKP community what MKP Elders can do individually and collectively to reduce the negative effects of Climate Change today, and for future generations?

 OEarth Stewards

 Gather and communicate the latest data and statistics on recycling, natural resource depletion, plastics and trash, and our individual and collective footprints to underscore the importance becoming an MKP Elder Earth Steward. Identify and recommend initiatives to support Care for our Planet. Recommend actions and initiatives that our greater MKP community can take individually and collectively to make positive contributions.

 P.  Men of Color (MofC)

To provide a place to connect, share common interests, concerns, and to strengthen and give voice to common interests and/or concerns. 


To provide a venue for identifying men, allies, support, and direction.

R.  Mental Health/PTSD

To provide a venue for connecting, supporting, sharing healthful options.

S.  Multi-cultural

To continue the quest of inclusiveness and support men of all ethnic backgrounds. 

T.  Men in Prison

To provide a place where MKP brothers across the country who are working in various prison systems can share experiences and support one another about efforts to help men in prison regain a sense of dignity.

 U. Men in re-entering society from prison

 To support men in reintegrating as they re-enter society as free men.

 V.  Supporting Returning G.I.s

 To support men in reintegrating as they return from active duty.

 W.  Gender Equity

 A forum to better understand male and female issues and as males, our role in issues.