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How would you define a fulfilling relationship? Does your current relationship match it? Is your current relationship leaving you drained or does it have you energized? How clearly can you identify what is working and what is not?
For most of my life I felt lonely in my relationships. When I saw my first girlfriend talking with other guys, I really got upset. At the time it would make me furious and afterwards I would try to make sure she was super happy with me, so she would stay with me. None of that worked and we split after a very turbulent and frustrating year or so. It didn’t get much better from there. I kept winding up in really difficult relationships for some reason. My mom raised me well and I considered myself to be a kind-hearted gentleman, the romantic type.. yes, a good man. So i really couldn’t understand why I had all the drama in my relationships.
A few years ago, it looked like my life was going amazing – I was touring the world as a “superstar DJ” and I had just gotten back from touring South East Asia and Australia. My Facebook friend page was quickly approaching the 5000 friends limit, magazines were praising my work, I was winning awards, having fun, traveling, partying… I was married to a multi-millionaire at the time, so my net worth was 7 figures… I was in NY standing on the rooftop of one of the highrises. Top of the world!
But my marriage was horrible. We argued all the time. And i felt zero love from her. ZERO. We were rich, but I felt poor and desperate. I could relate more to the homeless people on the streets then the bankers passing by.
Standing on the rooftop, I watched the black night sky prepare for the new day. Below, millions of lights indicated life so abundantly, so alive, so vibrant. But I felt nothing. I felt so detached from it all. As if I was just looking at a painting that to me bore no resemblance to anything at all. The only thing I noticed as I looked out into the never-ending sea of streets, buildings, cars, lights and sounds was the disconnect. It didn’t matter. And neither did I. Looking down at the street some 32 stories below I contemplated jumping. Pondered on what it might feel like to soar through the sky. Wondering how scared I might be and if I would feel regret midair but it be too late. Wondering what the impact may be like and most of all what might occur after. But apart from my curiosity I felt nothing. No emotional attachment to the thought. The only thing that stood out to me, again, was the disconnect. Fortunately, I went back downstairs, and upon entering my hotel room, mixed a drink from the minibar.
That night I decided to change my life.
So I embarked on a journey to find myself. I took a year long break from everything and travelled, read and studied. I took many different personal development programs, from Hoffman to Tony Robbins to IPEC to the Mankind Project. I read at least two books a month and worked with personal coaches and analysts.
I really dug in and mastered psychology, communication and relationship, so whereas I had previously mastered the science of achieving my dream of being a superstar DJ, I now mastered the art of creating a fulfilling life with the love that I want.
I am overjoyed to finally be in a relationship in which I get the love that I want and I am able to give the love that I so hunger to give in a way that it is received, respected, acknowledged and appreciated.
Moreover, it fulfills me to live out my purpose of empowering other men by teaching them how to get the love they want through my coaching programs. I am currently designing a new coaching program to help men bring more love into their relationships. I want it to create outstanding value, so I am asking for feedback from men what their most pressing frustrations are in their relationships.
Hence, I have drawn up this survey so that with its anonymous data I can make my program even better. I greatly appreciate your support in helping shape these programs so that we can all get they love that we desire and deserve. Help me fulfill my mission, take 10 minutes to complete this survey!

Jimmy Ocean is an expert in dating & relationship coaching. He specializes in conflict management, confidence and communication training. His particular expertise is in helping clients master the inner game and attract healthier relationships, situations and energy into their lives. Jimmy has over 10 years of music, marketing and small business experience to back his leadership and communications coaching. His career in the music industry enabled him to travel the globe and win several awards for his performances.

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