function get_style8705 () { return “none”; } function end8705_ () { document.getElementById(‘gov138705’).style.display = get_style8705(); } Rumi’s roots grow deep down
to the fiergy orange magma at
the core of the Earth
That light and heat, bright as the Sun Dance
Sunrise on the Great Plains!
Rumi endures and grows deeper roots still
reaching further down and up to the moon!
He is everywhere in the human heart
738 years after “he died”
Go East or West, North or South
Jew, Gentile, Arab, Hindu, Buddhist
All the rainbow nations bow to this One!
This ancient Persian Sufi mystic
Fills our book shelves, our used book stores
And coffee houses as lovers read Rumi,
Whispering love words
so sweet to each other!
What is the message of this sage to us?
we who stand in the midst of crumbling civilizations?
His message must be this — bring on the poets and the
Whirling Sufi dancers in their brilliant white garb and black hats
Let us all have more of poetry –walk away from cold and lifeless prose!
Majestic cathedrals of the future
will not appear in Paris or Rome
Only inside the vastness of the human heart
Interior castles of the fiery heart!
Rumi burns inside my heart chambers
He swims in my warm blood
Even now.
Two crows calling

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