function get_style6414 () { return “none”; } function end6414_ () { document.getElementById(‘gov136414’).style.display = get_style6414(); } An interesting article in Cracked this week about happiness.

Why having a vast selection of choices tends to make people less happy in general.
You have that agonizing selection process, repeated over and over again with decisions big and small (and some of you reading this have worried yourself sick over whether to go with LCD or plasma — don’t say you haven’t) which not only leads to anxiety, but decreased satisfaction even when we do chose correctly. After all, once you make the decision and get locked in, you never stop thinking “What if.”

“5 Scientific reasons your idea of happiness is wrong”
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– is a deeply personal issue that everyone decides for himself. Sometimes the price is high, sometimes low. But this is not very important for life. Life is an interesting thing. And the price on Viagra – too.