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I’m writing to invite you to help spread the word about a huge and exciting men’s event – the Ultimate Men’s Summit. It’s a ten-day virtual event featuring more than 75 powerful leaders, including Robert Bly, Sam Keen, Jed Diamond, Chris Kyle, Owen Marcus, Jayson Gaddis, Michael Taylor, Dan Milman, John Friend, Neale Donald Walsh, Michael Kimmel, and our own co-founder, Bill Kauth.
You can participate by phone or on the internet!
You can listen to as many of the speakers as you want!
And it’s FREE!
It begins Friday June 10th and runs through Sunday June 19th, Father’s Day.
:::: SIGN UP HERE ::::

The ManKind Project has partnered with The Shift Network on this event because of the bold vision of the future that builds on top of it. This virtual event sets the stage for LIVE events in 2012 which MKP will help to plan and implement! We want you to be part of announcing this exciting event to the world. The Shift Network believes in prosperity for everyone involved and has a built-in revenue sharing model. In addition to being of service to other men, you can also generate revenue for MKP, and for yourself, by spreading the word.
The first step is to sign up for the free Men’s Ultimate Summit through our Affiliate link. Go HERE to sign up You’ll get access to all 75 live events – for free. You can also access all the recordings later – for free. It’s going to be an outrageously good program. There will be stimulating interviews, but the program also focuses on practices you can engage in to become an even greater man than you are now.
If you spread the word about The Ultimate Men’s Summit, and use this link: LINK, MKP will receive 20% of revenues when men sign up for the 2012 program – or any program that The Shift Network offers. This will give us another source of donations with no hard work involved.
There’s another option if you would like to earn money yourself. If you become an Affiliate of The Shift Network (it only takes a couple of minutes), and then you use YOUR affiliate link to spread the word, YOU will get 20% of future revenues that come from people on your list who register for Shift programs, courses, or trainings in the future. MKP will get 10% of those revenues. Everybody wins.
After you sign up for the Ultimate Men’s Summit (HERE), go to The Shift Network’s Affiliate page and fill out the form. They’ll send you a template email that you can use for promoting the program to your network, and a link you can use to send out to your list.
It’s designed to be a triple win – a win for you to share with your friends and allies, for us to broaden our base of support, and for the men (and women!) in your life to get access to some of the world’s greatest wisdom on evolving into our “ultimate” self.
We’ve vetted this organization very carefully. They’re good people doing good work, and we share a vision for a better world for all people. They’ve set up a good economic system that we’re happy to be part of. Promotion of any Shift Network program is always at your discretion. You never have to promote anything that doesn’t align with your integrity.
We hope you can join us in this bold vision for the largest men’s virtual Summit in history, leading towards the largest initiation program in history! Even if you choose not to participate as an Affiliate, you are most welcome to savor all the great insights, practices, and dialogues at the Summit — for free.
Boysen Hodgson
Communications Director
for The Mankind Project

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