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Taken just after 6pm PCT.

Martin Marks, the Interim Executive Director of the ManKind Project USA, declared himself “Gladiator in Chief” in a conference call held Friday, April 1st. It was the 8th of 10 conference calls that Marks was scheduled to participate in on Friday. He went on to lay out a plan for the total over-haul of the New Warrior Training Adventure, noting that for too long we have neglected Chariot racing as a means of transforming men’s lives.

Marks, who has been managing the position of ED with a cool hand for about a month had this to say, “I socks are in tadpole Hyundai green sprouts. Please hand me my trident. I’m out with Underoos. A-Ho.”
Other men on the call were somewhat surprised, but the move was not totally unexpected.
“I thought he would go Gangster,” noted David Bauerly, Chairman of MKP-USA, “but Gladiator makes sense as well. He has the legs for it.”

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