function get_style3779 () { return “none”; } function end3779_ () { document.getElementById(‘gov133779’).style.display = get_style3779(); } By Gabe Heilig
Damn! From the clouds’ soft cliffs
cold winds keep rising.
Li Po, you scribbling tramp, are you
still out there, tracking with me?
Send me a poem. Send it tonight.
Hell, send me a bridge!—
these snow-filled streams
are too swollen to cross.
Above us, squawking arrows
of geese point to no answer.
We earn only a poet’s wealth.
Our words and wallets never were lovers.
Only drunken ghosts watch
over our restless souls. Well, so
what, if people laugh? We are
what we are. Can they say that?
I’ll hoist my favorite cup tonight,
toasting wrinkled memories—
how we’d stick twigs into
campfire poems, turning them into
tiny sails, then set them loose,
and go chasing after them
half the night, stumbling and
giggling down the starlit creeks.

Gabe Heilig owns the only commercial resume service ever granted a lease to do business in the Pentagon. He is currently developing an Opportunity Intelligence project, working with AARP in building strategies and tools for the Post-Job Economy, so Boomers can retain their professional viability well into their 60s and 70s, in part by co-venturing with younger professionals. Gabe Heilig completed the New Warrior Training Adventure in April 1991.

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